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Where can I see videos of martial arts in actual caught on tape instances?

I want to see martial arts in actual instances. For instance someone having to use Karate in the streets. Or Kung Fu to fight off actual attackers.

Where can I see videos of martial arts in actual caught on tape instances?
dude..try or
Reply:I am unsure the site. but there is a video out there of a karate black celt master in the streets next to his dojo and across the street you can seea black pimp smack around his black hoe, karate guy calls over the pimp, pimp starts to charge at karate man and just when he gets into reach the pimp starts to raise his hands but the karate man seriously karate chopped the pimps throat fast as lightning knocking the man down and renderring any pimpness left in him useless. The hoe and a cab driver helped the pimp up and put him in the cab off they were.
Reply:youtube maybe teaches you moves using videos and youtube
Reply:probably YouTue, but I don't know anyone who just carries around a camera waiting for someone toi attack them so they can get it on tape. Unless it is a security tape.

How to stop flinching in boxing/martial arts?

i do a lot of boxing and mixed martial arts but am having problems because i automatically duck, flinch, or close my eyes when people are throwing punches or kicks at me, even though i have my hands up and am protecting myself. any advice on getting rid of that reflex?

How to stop flinching in boxing/martial arts?
How long have you been training. It sounds like you are still not accepting of or used to the fact that you are gonna get hit. Ducking or flinching is good to keep you moving out of the way of the strike as long as you don't turn away from your opponant. Most people close there eyes when being hit in the face it's a natural responce. Just try to justify to your self it is only a punch it won't hurt you that bad and whether you like it or not it's coming so get used to it. Otherwise stick it out and eventually you will get used to it. Your body and mind are getting used to doing something that is not a natural behaviour. Look at it like riding a bike you have to get your balance and confidence before you can ride well...If you find you can't get used to it then maybe try an art that doesn't involve as much or no striking like Judo or Ju Jitsu.
Reply:i think that is a habit i do the same thing because my frends play to much. use the reflex to your advantage duck and go for the stomach or jerk sideways that should help
Reply:Let yourself be hit once or twice and you will see that its not that bad.

Whats wrong with flinching anyway?
Reply:its just comes with experiance, the more you fight and learn the more predictable your opponent will become.

the more you fight the calmer you will become which will prevent jerking reflexs.

Another option to explore would be deep meditation
Reply:I agree with using the twitch or motion that is automatic and pushing it into something; either defensive or offensive. Since that reaction is usually faster than realizing the event and taking action, working with it is very beneficial.

I use my twitches and such to help me when I paintball.
Reply:Flinching is a natural reflex. It can be advantageous because you don't want to get hit. As long as you don't close your eyes when you flinch, you can use it to your advantage. By flinching, you avoid the strike and allow yourself to counter. You also give your opponent a moving target rather than a stationary one. Don't fight the urge to flinch. Instead, embrace it and work your counter techniques.
Reply:ducking is not a bad reflex but the twitching sort of is. A way to stop all of that but not the ducking because that is an advantage is to imagine the kick or punch coming at you in slow motion. I do Martial Arts myself and i have encountered this problem myself too. You just have to train yourself no to close your eyes or to flinch. Before sessions and practices try and calm your body down it will help from keeping those reflexs so accurate. GOOD LUCK!!!
Reply:I propose that getting rid of it is bad. It is a protective reaction.

Instead of fighting it try to control it. Instead of wildly flailing your hands, try to make them perform a block.

Another big help with this is having a sense of your range and timing. It sounds like you are new. In time you develop your defense, once you have confidence you will not flinch at every faint thrown your way. Practicing blocking more. Get a partner and have them start attacking you in a controlled manner, block the attacks. In time get more free formed with it so you can block when you don't even know what the attack is.
Reply:ducking and flinching is not necessarily a bad thing you just need to do it at the right time.try to concentrate on keeping your eyes open,obviously that will also help you with your timing.
Reply:you have have low self efficacy of your skill. you need to spend time just in the defensive position with someone punching your head repeatedly while you have your guard up. when you finally realise that with your guard up you arent getting hurt, you will have the confidence to finally force your eyes open. as long as you have faith in your guard, and offensive skills, you will not flinch so much.

years ago, we spent a whole day doing just that. one man attack, the other guard his head. using elbows and forearms to counter the attempts. correct body posture, head angle, and guard will improve your odds, and help you over come your fears
Reply:I have this problem, and it is all in my head, I just think no pain, and I attack.
Reply:Umm. Lets see. Does it hurt less when you look away? NO!!! Dhon yelled that at me so many times that he drilled it into my head. When ever I spar I'm thinking that. You should yell it at yourself or have someone else yell it at you until it's drilled.
Reply:put some headgear on and have someone hit you in the head with a stick. Practice keeping your eyes open.
Reply:Circle. Instead of backing up, move an a semi-circle so that suddenly you are more to the side of your opponent, this will leave him very vulnerable to your attacks. These are the principles of small-circle jiu jitsu (can be applied to any style). As for flinching, everyone does it to an extent. In sparring you should train not to flinch, and try some pre-arranged sparring or kumites to practice.
Reply:Have a friend help yo with this, now stand upright facing your friend and have him throw like one hundred punches at your head in a row, and add ten for every time you blink.

ps. Make sure you have a bottle of tylenol handy...
Reply:you need to get hit a few more times and callous up a bit then your flinch should go away.
Reply:Looks like you already have a good supply of suggestions, so I'll just throw in my two cents. Getting hit will always hurt in some way ... I don't care who you are. However, It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the mind predicts it will. I have learned not to flinch so much (I still do, and I have been training for years. ^_^ Turn it into a defensive maneuver as opposed to a choke) through reflection on an old saying. "The key isn't feeling no pain... it's not minding it." Hope this helps.
Reply:What's wrong with flinching and closing your eyes?? Jeez, guys...

The problem here is that while you are flinching, you are not defending yourself. While your eyes are closed you are not seeing what ELSE is happening. It is especially bad if someone sees this tendency and uses it to their advantage. I used to have a student who would flinch at ANY loud noise, so I would KIAI loudly just BEFORE I threw a side kick. The kiai would freeze him momentarily and the following kick would land almost every time.

This is something you have to train out of. It is a natural reaction but it's NOT good unless you can turn it into a positive response. I mean that the natural response for you is to backpedal and blink. You have to turn this into a natural response to clench your fists for example or to circle step. The best way I know how to do this is by having a partner do drills with you. Have him or her count as they throw a technique at you- like a reverse punch for example. Have them count loudly like the instructor would and throw the technique at you at the same time. The count should trigger your reflex response- blinking for example. You should then block their technique as fast as you can. Eventually, with enough time practicing, you will automatically want to block when you see the technique coming at you and the blinking will simply go away (you have to see the punch coming to block it). Do this with your pantner throwing different techniques at you and eventually, with enough practice, you will train yourself to have a different reflex action to this stimulus.

Hope this helps...

Sensei Cox
Reply:Practice and discipline. You don't necessarily need to get hit to teach yourself not to do that; it has to start slowly and it will take time. The first time I got knocked out it only made my flinching reflex worse. Tell yourself to stand steady and keep your eyes on your opponent. Eventually, the constant mental training will become physical.

How can i find importers of martial arts equipment in u.s?

Being Exporter of sports goods, martial arts accessories and boxing equipment we want to enter u.s market and attract potential customers. Is there any database containing the list of importers categorically or some other way.please guide

How can i find importers of martial arts equipment in u.s?
try doing a google search

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What are the best types of Martial Arts centered around kicking?

I play soccer, so my legs are pretty strong and flexible. I have no prior experience in any Martial Arts.

What are the best types of Martial Arts centered around kicking?
Shotokan, Taekwondo, various and sundry Chinese arts.
Reply:Tae-Kwon-Do, Capoeria, regular Kickboxing and Muay Thai are among the few Martial Arts that focuses on the feet. Tae-Kwon-Do and Kickboxing are common martial arts that are easy to find locally, but Capoeria and Muay Thai are only available in certain areas and is just as hard as looking for a US based Shaolin Temple.
Reply:Muay Thai is the best, not that garbage the guy before me listed.
Reply:Tae Kwon Do
Reply:Although you will probably have great kicking power, soccer players are known to be very inflexible in the sense of kicking high to the head. If you are inflexible, I would suggest Karate, Muay Thai, or another style that focuses on low kicks to the leg, knee and the body. Also, low kicks are more realistic in a real time fighting situation.
Reply:Litterally translated, Tae Kwon do mean the art of the foot and the hand.... I have been involved with this form of martial art for the last 20 YEARS through my son who is a 4th degree black belt INSTRUCTOR. I also worked at the school where my son taught for about 6 YEARS (it's how I "paid" for his lessons for a while)...and sat through many a class... Tae Kwon Do is an EXCELLENT martial art to learn--because it not only teaches self defence, it teaches discipline AND there has ALWAYS been a special commaraderie in the TKD family... There are THOUSANDS of very good TKD schools in almost every state and SEVERAL countries throughout the world. I know Russia is big on the sport as I was there with my son in 1995 when he competed in St. Petersburg, Russia.... He also competed with the US Air Force Team for a while and went on to compete in Brazil and several other parts of the world---so not only was this art good for his BODY, but it also showed him parts of the world he might not have seen otherwise...
Reply:Muay Thai, Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin, Tang Soo Do, and (possibly) Taekwondo.
Reply:Muay thia, kick boxing, tae-kwon-do.
Reply:Savate which is a french martial art which is almost entirely centered around kicking. TKD is also centered around kicking.
Reply:Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, %26amp; Northern Shaolin.
Reply:TAEKWONDO! But Capoeira is mainly kicking too, only there are more flips and acrobatics.
Reply:Even though Tae Kwan Do seemes to claim as being masters of the legs, you cant claim a body part, if you want to do a martial art simply for sport or for show then Tae kwan Do or capoera are good choices but if you want to be a good fighter then do something else
Reply:Got to love the "MY STYLE IS BETTER THAN YOURS B****!" people... Isn't that something you learn early in Martial Arts? To learn that no style is better than another?

All the Martial Arts listed have good kicking:

Kickboxing (American, Muay Thai, Savate), Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, Taekkyon, Tang Soo Do, Karate (Usually a 50/50 punch/kick ratio), Kung Fu, Hapkido, and more. You have a lot of choices. The flexibility and strength factor you have will help you in all of them, but it's always a toss up with high kicks: If you aren't good, you can get knocked off balance in certain situations.

Of these arts, I've practiced Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Capoeira. Though all that I have listed (Which also includes some of the suggestions that people have already stated) are good choices. There are many that I haven't listen that are good as well. The only styles you really need to watch out for in regards to this are certain grappling styles and boxing. Not that those are bad styles (I'm not saying that in any way), but obviously the kicking element is bound to not be there. Though a good kicking style with punching style is always nice. ^_^

I think you might want to research the different styles, and come to your own conclusion. Watch videos, and learn about how each style works with it's kicking. Wikipedia and google are bound to help you.
Reply:Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kyun (rare style)

Northern Shaolin (the hand techniques ain't bad either)

Please enlight me on wushu( chinese martial arts)?

i had been learning bei quan dao which i think is the same as chang quan. I learnt long fist, basic 5 stance.. etc. I had not learnt any self-defence skill in this martial arts stance or isit i need to pick up some skill from those stances and defence my self? Guys please enlight me...

PS: sorri for my bad english and sorri if i had offended you in aniwae

Please enlight me on wushu( chinese martial arts)?
Wow... everytime someone answers a question like this they have to bring up the UFC or MMA... hahahaha What do you think TRADITIONAL Chinese Warriors did for years?? Use martial arts as dance moves? To dazzle their friends with their high kicks?? No- to survive when they fought for their lives. Done that lately, dpcemker?? It's a little different with a referee.


Wushu is a little on the overexcessive side for me personally. I would highly recommend Wing Chun if you want to learn fighting for real life situations. Excellent in close quarters combat. I don't think the style is really important truthfully. If you enjoy it and it works for you- that is the most important part of martial arts. It really depends on the Chnese art... I have never taken Bei Quan Dao so I cant really comment on that. Some styles of Chinese martial arts teach you stances just to train in to strengthen important fundamentals. (example: standing on 1 foot in White Crane) Wushu normally has the philosophy that a strong tree starts with strong roots. If your stance is strong then it will be hard to knock you down. Stick with the basics and take them very seriously... You can build a million dollar home on a weak foundation and it will crumble- or a $50k home on a strong foundation and it should stand for a long time. Stances and defense normally come before excesive training in striking. I wish you the best- stick with it and you should get the training your looking for with time.

Be sure to explore other options as well to see what martial art you might be able to pick up quickly because it works for you. Good luck!!
Reply:That the the art of kicking as in movies, as you can see none of the asians martial arts are good at all when it come to real fighting. Check out the UFC!
Reply:There actually is a web site designed specifically for Wushu. Lots of info.
Reply:Your style is more about tradition and "arts". It depends on yur teacher. Perhaps he is very traditional and knows that if a fight comes up, you will react with your skills and fight back, perhaps he is waiting to teach you how to use it in a real fight. But if your goal is truly to win fights, you are in the wrong style.
Reply:Wushu is simply the chinese word for martial arts.It sounds like you are being taught the basic skills,which all traditional martial arts schools begin with.You have to get the basic skills down before you can properly execute the fighting skills of the art.I think most people are like yourself and want to learn self defense skills right away.I teach mixed martial arts in my Street Martial Combatives school.Along with work on the basics,I teach body targets,body weapons and some simple self-defense techniques from the very first class and build upon that in each class that follows.It at least gives them some advantage that they didn't have when they walked in if they find themselves in a situation that they are not allowed to walk away from.As a U.S.Marine,I was given basic fighting skills in boot camp that would better my chances of coming home alive if I were called to war before I could recieve advanced training and practice those skils in war games.
Reply:I'm guessing you have been practicing just the routines so far.

You can't really pick up any Self defense skills from these stances as they are just stances. Please approach your instructor and ask where and when you will be practicing the "Martial" instead of just "Arts".

Or ask if there will be any sparring if you are too shy.
Reply:There are some mis-understanding here about Chinese martial arts. Simply, there are two main branches of Chinese martial arts - the traditional arts and the contemporary style arts called Wu Shu.

Originally, Wu Shu (Way of Martial) is the unified name for all Chinese martial arts since there are probably hundreds if not thousands of different styles in China. However, the People's Republic China government wanted to promote Chinese martial arts as a sport after 1950 and started to create a series of standard martial arts forms from some of the most popular traditional Chinese martial arts such as long fist, Southern fist, Tai Chi quan, etc. They called the new, contemporary forms "Wushu" to separated from the traditional Chinese martial arts.

The contemporary forms (Wu shu taolu) emphasize on the sports element of the original arts (making sure all pastures are correct and looks good) . Even the applications are still hidden in the moves, most of the time they are not taught to the practitioners.

In general, it will be easy for a Wu shu practitioner to learn the application if he/she wants to since they learn the basic movement already. For those who want to learn more about application instead of just a sport, it would be best to study traditional Chinese martial arts instead because it was designed for real life combat.
Reply:Phrenitus said all there is to say.

Will you choose men who like boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, Karate, dojo, Taekwondo, Aikodo,..use violence?

(1) some men want to date me, but they like boxing,....karate..Martial arts...the activities on the above caption...I am afraid they will fight their girlfriends or wives.

(1) why men like Muay Thai, Karate, dojo, Taekwondo, Aikodo, boxing, artial arts? what is the puropose of learning them?

(2) Boxing needs strength, men who like boxing should be very strong and their weight will be heavy i think.

(3) Is that because they like fighting and use violence?

(4) Is the possibility of those men fighting their wife more than men who don't like the above activities?

(5) maybe they tend to use violence to solve all problem in daily life?

(6) Do you think i should date with them?

(7) If you were me, will you choose them? I am petite and weak and i cannot protect myself if they use violence

(8) Any lady here who has this kind of boyfriend or husband and can give me advice?

(9) Any men here can give me advice or tell me the thought of men who like those activities?

Will you choose men who like boxing, martial arts, Muay Thai, Karate, dojo, Taekwondo, Aikodo,..use violence?
A violent person is a violent person. Learning martial arts does not make you a worse person, it makes you a better person. Martial arts teaches you how to channel your emotions. I think you need to learn some, actually, so you can feel more secure and confident and know how to protect yourself if you are so worried about violent men out there. Seriously. Sounds like it would do you a world of good.
Reply:I lke al ze activities above. Bt its nt necessary tht a boy practising al zes activities 2 b violent. They cn b nice bt fren thm 1st knw thm thn choose Mr Right
Reply:wow someone is narrow minded.. most of the martial arts you listed are forms of self defense. others are exercises in discipline
Reply:Dude, too big.

I kickbox, and i'm a girl and i love it. I don't use violence in everyday life. Most people don't. Martial arts are generally really good for learning discipline and self-control. Men who hit their wives generally arent focused, disciplined or self-controlled, so i don't see a correlation there.

Maybe you should take it up? Its a great workout and will help you feel stronger - start with something like capoiera which is a dance/boxing/spin mix. It makes you more confident, more secure in your body and yourself
Reply:what is wrong with you? maybe they like it because it's good to learn self-defense and you get in great shape, not every guy who is a martial artist is a woman beater. hell there are guys who are weak as water that are woman beaters, please get over it. like them for who they are and stop stereotyping. i do martial arts (muay thai) and i'm a girl. would you expect me to be all manly and tough? well i'm a cheerleader, i wear pink ALL the time and i have a valley accent, go figure. and grow up.
Reply:well, maybe the people that go to fake dojos don't think it's violent, but I was trained authentic Muay Thai in Thailand and it's violent and bloody
Reply:.guys who do that are least likey to beat their significant other in my opinion b/c they let out they're aggression via martial arts (b/c i play rugby and i let out all of my aggression there so it overall keeps me a very happy nonviolent person)

.it teaches people disapline, helps them learn to focus, the point of learning them would be so they can protect themselves and there loved ones

.it could be b/c they just like fighting, or b/c it looks cool like in the movies, or they need to learn self disapline, or they think its sexy, there are TONS of very different reasons for wanting to in the 1st place

.there is always some kind of stat for #4 but i think (for martial arts anyways) that it lessens the possiblility(self disapline people!!!)

.uh, no, #5 is a stupid question

.if you want to go for it, it they are sexy and have a good personality it would be stupid not to date them, you shouldn't have to ask someone this kinda stuff

..kick them in the balls, and carry pepper spray if you really think its an issue, use common sense, if the guy is a creeper uh, don't go out with him!

-overall, it depends on the kind of person they are for all of these questions. if you get the violent vibe from them, no dice, stay away, but if they seem nice ect ect then why not?
Reply:Ok lady, I will answer your question.

There are some kinds of guys to watch out for...

Stay away from any guy who uses steroids. Steroids mess people up, and can cause "'roid rage", which means the drugs can cause sudden violent anger. Some misguided males use steroids so they can train harder and heal faster. (I.e. most professional athletes nowadays, unfortunately).

Otherwise, watch out for guys who want to control you too much, as that can be a sign of an abusive type.

Otherwise, guys like their sports, and most guys who do martial arts etc. actually can develop more control over their aggression, not less. But, their are always some idiots in everything, and there is a lot of macho "I am tough" posturing in the martial arts.

So, if that turns you off, find a concert pianist.

But some of them abuse their wives too, so you can't win.

(Maybe you should be the one learning to box!)

Good luck....

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What are some well-paying jobs in martial arts?

I am an avid martial arts practitioner. If it was possible to get a career highlighting marial arts, I would be ecstatic. One thing though: I'm not interested in the movies or things of that sort.

What are some well-paying jobs in martial arts?
I make a great living at it. Get a great paycheck ,and love my job. I work only in and with the promotion of martial arts and things to do with. From magazines that I represent and sell advertisement for, training in MMA from a great association, to a cable tv show that I sell commercial time for, to a FM radio show I sell commercial time for..... I also have a few clothing lines and gear and all the accessories as well. Just about working it all currently, and having a blast and making great money.

I Love Martial Arts. Traditional and Sport.

Heck I would be in the poor house without em.

And I have met some Great MMA personalities as well.

I can also help others in a way to promote , advertise, and have new $ revenue and student resources. Ever want to be in a top rated magazine with all the #1 names ? How about a TV show, right in the middle- your commercial... and all the top mma folks are watching..... how about a great fight radio show ???? Or want some new products to sell??? Need students ??At a great profit sell the magazines you have a 2 page custom spread in ???? I Love Martial Arts, and have found they so far have given me friends and a living. This is only a small part of the resources I am using currently.
Reply:doing martial arts demos at exhibitions
Reply:doubt there is any money in it besides from movies...
Reply:I've gone down that path trying to make a living off my martial arts skills.

I was a 'bouncer' (now called a 'door-man') for a number of years in the mid-80s at two Boston night clubs. All I got was $30 bucks a night and a free meal (and threatened lawsuits for throwing guys out the door).

Most cops I know have a martial arts/boxing back ground but they tend to use their gun when arresting a violent offender.

You could go to Hollyweird as a stuntman or a martial arts person, but I hear its kinda competitive and you really got to be in top form.
Reply:You can be the dummy they punch on the sport science documentary, herd that pays pretty well. Are you part of, or related to an obscure minority group? American Indian, Egyptian, Viking, Vampire or have you ever been abducted by Aliens? then you are in a prime position for creating your own martial art, just spend a few weeks studying any of the main stream arts, steal a few techniques add a dash of bullshit, get a gimmick geared towards you relation and viola! you will soon be charging people $500 a month for lessons

If you are not lucky enough to be abducted by Aliens there’s three basic avenues you can take, sport, instruction and show, I think they are pretty straight forward, you can either be a professional fighter like in boxing or Muay Thai or MMA, you can be an instructor, that can be personal, in a dojo, with seminars or even over the internet, or you can get paid for demonstrations or even busk on the street, I remember hearing that Bas Rutten was a street busker doing martial arts comedy routines before he went to fight in MMA

If none of THAT works out you can always go bash people up on the street and take their money... sure you can work security I GUESS, but where is the fun in that???
Reply:Aside from movies, it's really only a choice between teaching and some sort of security work. Neither of those career options will make you that much money, although the teaching path is at least somewhat satisfying a job choice.
Reply:Instruction, Martial arts book author (express your ideas on paper), be a pro fighter, become a trained personal bodyguard,become a CQC instructor in the military....thats all i cant think an avid martial artist myself..its my life...but now i have a career threatning injury....yea it sux...good luck my friend
Reply:Teach. Aside from the money, you might be the teacher to find a student that loves the art with all their heart. Think of how much you could benefit them through your experience, and how happy they'd be to have found a teacher that loves the art as much as they do.
Reply:Being a McSensei.
Reply:You won't that's why kung fu origionally came from the Shaolin monks. There's not much money to be had from it in almost any profession.

Pro fighter - Big risk of injury and you're paid per win. It's a tough life and a gamble.

Security - Not much money

Military - Not much hand to hand used and have you seen the state of the world today?

Teaching - Facilities and insurance fees are expensive and students are hard to find and not steady until you've gone through quite a few.

There's no money in it, become a monk or get a real job and do martial arts on the side.
Reply:make a mcdojo
Reply:Become a grand high poobah and start a cult..?

no ?

Oh well, I can't think of anything else.

BTW, I knew someone who did that and made a lot of money, until they put him in jail ! :o)
Reply:they are really none unless you want to be a cop

i am doing the teaching thing and it isnt much money at all