Monday, May 17, 2010

Name this old martial arts film?

Two main charecters, I think, a guy and a girl, and both know martial arts. Also, I think both of them are cops. The guy is supposed to be the new partner, maybe.

In last fighting scene... guy goes to rescue someone, dressed as a ninja. He enters a long hall and there are ninjas lined up in a straight row all the way down the room, the bad guy is at the end of the room with the kidnapped person, I think. Good guy starts walking down the room... fighting his way through the line of 30+ ninjas. I think the good ninja wore white, and the bad ninjas wore all colors. The good guy used sticks, nunchaks, and (maybe) swords in that one scene.

It is not American Ninja. In the cover of the movie, there is a guy and a girl back-to-back, maybed dressed as cops. I used to watch this before DVD's. Anyone know it?

Name this old martial arts film?
The only one that comes to my mind is "Iron Monkey," made in 1993. It has a cover similar to what you describe. I also thought of "Bulletproof Monk," but that came out in 2003.


Then it is "Martial Law 2: Undercover," released in 1991. Cynthia Rothrock plays the female lead, and she is a martial arts champion.


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